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Selling Support for Amazon

1. What is “Selling Support for Amazon”?

We support your selling at using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
Once your products arrive at our warehouses,
we prepare and send them to Japanese consumers following Amazon guideline.
When we receive enquiry and complaint from consumers, we respond it in Japanese.

2. Support overview

    • step1
  • Step 1
  • After we receive your products, we keep them in our warehouses (Los Angeles, CA). Based on your demand, we arrange your new account in


    • step2
  • Step 2
  • We translate product name and information to Japanese. After registering and packing them, we deliver your products to Amazon Fulfillment Center.


    • step3
  • Step 3
  • When we receive enquiry and complaint from consumers, we respond it in Japanese.

Our service

-Seller Account establishment
We create seller account according to following;
-Company name
-Phone number
-Keep your products
Once we receive your products, they are kept in our warehouses in Los Angeles, CA.
-Translate product information to Japanese
We translate product name and description to Japanese.
-Resister products on
Search product category and update.
-Deliver products to Amazon fulfillment center
We prepare and arrange shipment to Amazon fulfillment center.
-Respond to inquires and returns in Japanese
Respond inquires in Japanese. After receive returns we send back to you upon your request.
-Tax consultation
We take the role as attorney for you to assist merchant with tax payment and import procedures.
-Customs formalities
We provide the customs clearance to import our clients’ products with professional skills by ourselves and our partners located at a Japanese port of entry.
-Marketing and Promotin
We have marketing team that can manage as follow media.
Amazon Advertising
Google Ads
Facebook Ads

Benefits with us

-You can sell your products without marketing experience in Japan.
-You can send your product information to millions of Japanese people at low cost.
-You don’t have to worry about Japanese Language.
-You can select various support plans (Total support plan or each support plans) along your demand and budget.

3. Contact us

For inquiries, please contact us:

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